Yoga Centered truly believes that the quality of your yoga practice directly affects the quality of your life.

Yoga Centered is known for offering high QUALITY yoga practice. This means:

• Expect each yoga class to be a beautiful tapestry of yoga asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breath expansion), yoga philosophy and sometimes chanting, mantra , mudras, meditation and always deep relaxation.

• Knowledgeable, authentic teachers

• Variety in the styles we offer (from "mindfully athletic" to quiet and meditative)

• Skillful alignment that supports your safety in class and re-aligns your body over time to a permanent optimal posture

• Intelligent sequencing that promotes you accessing your full potential

• Acknowledging and utilizing the true power of the breath–teaching specific techniques that help keep you strong or surrendering in your practice (and less stressed in your life)

• Encouragement & support for taking yoga "off the mat" and into your everyday life

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Flow Yoga

Build strength and stamina as you connect the flow of your breath to the flow of dynamic movement. Foundational poses will be built upon, and more advanced asana explored (backbends, inversions, arm balances, fast paced flows). All levels are welcome, as modifications will be offered.


Basic Flow

Basic flow focuses on accessible and foundational yoga poses, moving at a mindful pace, it’s great for beginners and the seasoned yogi too.


Therapeutic Yoga

All traditional yoga classes at Yoga Centered are designed to be therapeutic but in this class you will specifically use yoga to address different physical issues you may be dealing with. Strengthen your back and bring mobility into your spine. Learn poses and stretches to help alleviate back pain, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and increase mobility and build strength gently and slowly over time. Learn to relax and breathe deeply, and immerse yourself into a calm environment that can help center the mind.

Perfect for seniors, veterans, people recovering from injury, or anyone who wants a gentle yoga class!


Yin Yang Yoga

This class is designed to establish balance in body, mind and spirit: a blend between flow and restorative styles. The first half will include a gentle vinyasa sequence, this is the active Yang phase, designed to move and stretch your body, pay attention to the condition of your breath, and focus your mind. The second half will include a Yin phase, including slow holds and restorative poses to alleviate deeply-seated tension in muscles and fascia, develop a fuller, softer breathe, and calm the mind. Leave class feeling rejuvenated!


Relax Deeply

The dessert of yoga practice, these soothing and well-supported poses offer us the opportunity to linger quietly for a few moments and savor the simple sweetness of life. These postures are usually deeply supported by blankets, blocks, and bolsters, and are held for several minutes at a time. At minimum, you will discover a rich and deep state of relaxation that will calm and restore your whole being!



Barre is a mix of yoga, pilates, and ballet. This workout builds toned muscles, focused on glutes, legs and core. It also increases metabolism, helps your alignment and posture and gets you SWEATY!


Buti Yoga

Buti Yoga is a high energy, fast paced, invigorating yoga practice that blends vinyasa yoga, tribal dance, body weight training and powerful plyometrics. This practice will challenge you no matter what your experience in yoga or fitness. Fun and SWEATY!