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37 Waianuenue Ave. Downtown Hilo, Hawaii | Phone: (808) 934.7233




New Student Special

$20 for 10 Consecutive Days (Big Island Residents Only)

Regular Class Rates       Community Class Rates

Drop-in            $14                                                                               Drop-in                                             $14

5 Class Pass    $58                                                                               Current Pass Holder Drop-in       $5

10 Class Pass  $110                                                                            10 Class Pass                                   $50 (45 day expiration)                                                                

Month Premium  $130 (Auto-Renew $110)
(Excludes Speciality and Community Classes)  

Month Ultimate $170 (Auto-Renew $150)  
(Includes Speciality and Community Classes)

Annual Unlimited $1300                                                                     

Specialty Class Rates 

Drop-in                                          $10

5 Class Pass                                  $45

10 Class Pass                                $85 


Class Passes have a 90 day expiration date unless otherwise noted, are non-transferable and non-refundable.  Schedule and rates are subject to change. 

Buti is a high energy cardio workout that combines hip hop music, powerful plyometrics, tribal dance and deep yoga stretches. Fun and SWEATY! Bring a yoga mat, towel and lots of water. Ages 18 and over only. Some music may have explicit lyrics.
This is a Yoga Flow class which focuses on accessible and foundational yoga poses. Often, more time is dedicated to exploring the details of alignment than in an all-level Yoga Flow Class. Yoga Flow classes connect the flow of the breath to the flow of the body. The word "Vinyasa " is literally translated as: To place in a special way. In a vinyasa flow style class at Yoga Centered there will be a strong focus on the breath, the breath moving the body, and complete mindfullness in placing the body for each pose with physically and energetically healthy alignment. These classes have an even focus on cultivating strength and flexibility. These classes are designed to be physcally challenging, but each student is welcome and encouraged to find their own pace.
Lunchtime hour and five minute buddhi classes offered at a reduced community rate of $7. Same quality instruction, great price!
Lunchtime hour and five minute flow and classes offered at a reduced community rate of $7. Same quality instruction, great price!
Family Yoga presents an opportunity to cultivate emotional and physical bonding within your family. This all-levels free flow class with Cat includes postures for the whole family, including age- and intensity level-appropriate variations to accommodate all of the students in the class, all while maintaining a playful sense of fun. The physical movements introduced in this class will familiarize students to the true meaning of yoga: union, community, expression and integrity for self, while strengthening the bond between family and community!*No prior Yoga experience is necessary.
Flow II is a vinyasa class geared towards regular yoga practitioners only. Please join us for this class if you are able to practice with awareness and respect for what postures are safe and appropriate for you.  This is for those who want to be challenged, but already know the foundations of safety and alignment.  
Prenatal Yoga focuses on strengthening the spiritual, emotional and physical bond between your body and your baby preparing you for labor and childbirth. Yoga allows you to reconnect with the body and breath while prenatal and postnatal yoga focuses on inspiring and nurturing you in a community of women while creating an environment of support for you to balance and restore the physical needs of the new mother and baby.
Some yoga poses are a little yummier than others, and if yoga were a buffet, restorative postures would most definitely be at the dessert table. These soothing and well-supported poses offer us the opportunity to linger quietly for a few moments and savor the simple sweetness of life. These postures are usually deeply supported by blankets, blocks, or other props and are held for several minutes at a tim
This class is a slow and gentle class which will focus on bringing mobility to the joints, improving balance and coordination.  Recommended for the older adult but all are welcome!
Learn how to use yoga to therapeutically address different physical issues you may be dealing with. Saturday is a general therapeutic class and Sunday focuses on the back. Strengthen your back and bring mobility into your spine. Learn poses and stretches to help alleviate back pain.